The Danger of Acceptance

The Danger of Acceptance

Friday, April 19, 2024

Emotion over Truth in Worship

I've been battling three emotion based practices that have undermined the Christian churches from their N.T. roots. I've made little headway, I admit, as most love these practices and have never seen the harm in them. Looking back over three decades, I think we got rolled.

One: Emotion based worship. It entered by bringing revival methods into the church, originated by Finney, and was later capped off by the Seeker Sensitive movement of the 90's. This has given rise to praise and worship becoming the forefront of church with the Lords Supper, the Apostles Doctrine,  Fellowship and Prayer taking a back seat, far, far in the back.

Two: "Doctrine doesn't matter, just give me Jesus!" has resulted in our churches no longer knowing who Jesus actually is. Many don't worship Jesus any longer, but worship a Jesus impersonator that endorses trans rights & women pastors. We moved from the Bible only to "acceptance above all" to no longer having any standards whatsoever.

Three: Salvation methods no longer matter, as long as you believe. First, we must ask, believe in what or whom? Second, asking Jesus into one's heart sounds beautiful, but conversion is a violent act. We kill the old man and raise to newness of life as a NEW MAN. I don't want Jesus in my heart, I want a NEW HEART! I want Jesus to wash my sins away, not to be my spiritual advisor I consult once a week.

I don't think the church is the church anymore.  The most "successful churches" just seem like pagan meeting houses.  Nothing rings true anymore.  All emotion, no truth.  Therefore it can't be true!

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